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Field/Operation Meeting

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The next Field-Ops Meeting will be on Nov 12, 2008 form 7:00 pm to 9:00 in the Park Development & Operations Recreation Building located just west of the Main Chandler Library

125 E. Commonwealth Ave(It’s a two story Building)
Room 201
Chandler, AZ  85225

For more information call City of Chandler Parks, 480-782-2727.

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Video: SAR Team 2008 Drill

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The Search and Rescue Team prepares the building and a plan for finding victims

CERT Volunteers: Where are we?

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Are there any CERT members in your neighborhood?  In the event of an emergency, who are the people you can coordinate with as quickly as possible?  Most of personal information has been stripped out of this map for privacy reasons, but this map of CERT membership will at least let you know if you’re close to another CERT member. Click the link below to Zoom in and browse around the map and see more detail.

Photo: 2008 Chandler CERT Picnic

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CFD's 7th Annual Holiday Toy Ride

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Have you ever wanted to be a firefighter and ride in a fire truck? Then come join the Chandler Fire Department for a night of fun and giving.

December 11, 2008, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Chandler Fashion Center (Valet Parking Area - near food court, restaurants, and theater)

Chandler CERT Facebook Group

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We now have a group on Facebook for Chandler CERT members to join to network together and share information.  Simply search groups for "Chandler CERT" and request to join today!

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