2009 Council Elections

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Attention CERT Members; As the end of year approaches, the replacement of several Council positions will occur.  According to the bylaws, positions are rotated on the following basis:


Three year term - 1st year President-Elect, 2nd year President, and 3rd year Past President.  These officers will be selected as follows:

Every Year:     President-Elect

Two year term - will be selected as follows:
Year 1:                         Secretary

Committee Chairs
Two year term - will be selected as follows:
Year 1:         Administrative Chair, Field Operations Chair and Recruitment/Retention Chair
Year 2:         Communications Chair and Training Chair

Council Members at Large

One Year Term - will be selected as follows:
Every Year:             Member-at-Large

Up for election this year:

President Elect - 3 year term
Secretary - 1 year term to complete open position
Recruitment/Retention Chair - 1 year term to complete open position
Communications Chair - 2 year term
Training Chair - 2 year term
Member-at-Large - 1 year term


Any active member interested in more information about the Chandler CERT Council can contact Joe Padberg at [email protected]

Members wanting to join the Council should fill out a Chandler CERT Council Application.


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